About the gifts / Souvenirs

At KOMEHOME, we wish to communicate with the locals, experience their way of living and maybe discover something new!
We think it’s one of the charms of travel, spending time away from one’s comfort zone and discovering new things. Through a gift exchange, we hope that guests can meet and bond with locals and create a connection.

* What sort of gift should I bring?
The gift doesn’t have to be grand or expensive, a small packet of sweets or confectionery, or something that you would bring when you go back to your family home or visit your relatives will do.
The locals are excitedly waiting for your arrival, with a special gift for you, too.

*Only guests checking in between 15:00 to 19:00 can participate in the gift exchange. For guests checking in after 19:00, the staff will give/receive the souvenir gift on their behalf.

*The gifts are not compulsory. Even without bringing one, you can still stay at KOMEHOME.

About the bulletin board

You can find information about the towns around Tokamachi City, events and village volunteer activities around the area posted on the bulletin board. We will provide various information to make your stay in Tokamachi more enjoyable.